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Which Dog Poo Are You? | Poo Patrol

Being in residential Sydney backyards every day of the week has given us plenty of opportunity to examine dog poo specimens.  Of course we have our favourites, but the quality & quantity of your dogs poo can tell alot about their eating habits & patterns and can also help in diagnosing any gastrointestinal problems.

Grade 1

Hard Dry & Crumbly.  A little like an Anzac Biscuit.

Grade 1.5 Dog Poo

Just Hard & dry but still together.

Grade 2 Dog Poo

Well Formed, Does not leave a mark when picked up: “kickable”

Grade 2.5 Dog Poo

Well formed with a slightly moist surface, which leaves a mark when picked up

Grade 3 Dog Poo

Moist, beginning to lose form. Leaves a definite mark when picked up.

Grade 3.5 Dog Poo

Very Moist but still has some definite form.

Grade 4 Dog Poo

Majority if not all form is lost. Poor consistency, viscous.

Grade 4.5 Dog Poo

Diarrhoea, with some areas of consistency

Grade 5 Dog Poo

This ain’t poo is goo. Watery Diarrhoea