Being in residential Sydney backyards every day of the week has given us plenty of opportunity to examine dog poo specimens.  Of course we have our favourites, but the quality & quantity of your dogs poo can tell alot about their eating habits & patterns and can also help in diagnosing any gastrointestinal problems.

Grade 1

Hard Dry & Crumbly.  A little like an Anzac Biscuit.

Grade 1.5 Dog Poo

Just Hard & dry but still together.

Grade 2 Dog Poo

Well Formed, Does not leave a mark when picked up: “kickable”

Grade 2.5 Dog Poo

Well formed with a slightly moist surface, which leaves a mark when picked up

Grade 3 Dog Poo

Moist, beginning to lose form. Leaves a definite mark when picked up.

Grade 3.5 Dog Poo

Very Moist but still has some definite form.

Grade 4 Dog Poo

Majority if not all form is lost. Poor consistency, viscous.

Grade 4.5 Dog Poo

Diarrhoea, with some areas of consistency

Grade 5 Dog Poo

This ain’t poo is goo. Watery Diarrhoea