We provide pet waste removal services & cleanups to local councils, dog parks, events and residential complexes,


Prospective tenants with pets sometimes may set alarm bells ringing with owners. Generally the owner’s main concern is the upkeep & maintenance of their yard, with regular pick up of dog poo in the backyard being a major concern.

Our Renters Service provides a peace of mind to the owners that at least the dog poo side of things is taken care of on a regular basis.  Similar to offering a pool service for upkeep of a rental property pool.

Our regular pet waste removal & dog poo pick up service is contracted to the specified time usually co-inciding with the length of the lease. Real estate agents can incorporate our weekly service fee into the property’s rental price & Poo Patrol will invoice your Real Estate office monthly.


We provide pet waste removal service to public events.

Poo Patrol will attend your pet related event and keep a close eye out for dog poo hazards on the ground. 

We can also provide portable dog poo bag dispensers to place at various stations at your event for your patrons to easily grab a bag & take care of “business” themselves.

We are fully insured for such events, we also easily identifiable & wear uniforms. 

If you are looking for competition & entertainment ideas for your arena please give us a call.  We have a lot of ideas & can help out with laughter on the day


Dog poo is everywhere, not just limited to residential backyards.

We can provide a dog poo pick up service to sporting fields, dog parks, playgrounds & reserves on a fixed regular basis.

Most councils rate public dog waste collection as out of their realm of responsibility.   Whilst responsible pet ownership does also mean taking care of their animals waste in public, we all know that sometimes that is not the case and our parks & playgrounds can become an area that is avoided by the public via bad reputation.

If your council is responsible for areas that really could do with a “going over” get in touch with our office and we can approach your council and try to work out a happy medium.


We provide service to clients of disability, workers compensation and insurance companies.

If your client is physically unable to look after their pets in the way that they normally do, we are able to provide our pet waste removal services for domestic pets residing in their home for the duration of their approved claim.

Please call us to get more information on this service.